Product specific rates

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In case some products in your catalog do not fit into the general shipping calculation you have set up at the Shipping & Pickup page, e.g. an irregular shaped product requires special packaging that costs extra money, you can set up individual shipping rates for them.

There are three types of shipping rates that can be applied to the products individually:

  1. Free shipping
    Any quantity of the product will be shipped free of charge.
  2. Fixed rate per item
    A flat amount will be charged per item quantity. This option is useful for products that require individual shipping price.
  3. Global rates + fixed rate per item
    A flat amount will be charged per item quantity on top of the shipping rate calculated according to the general shipping settings for the whole store. This option is useful for adding a surcharge to cover the extra costs related to the product’s shipping.

To set up an individual shipping rate for the product:

  1. Go to your store Control Panel → Catalog → Products.
  2. Open the product to which you want to assign an individual shipping rate in editing mode.
  3. Switch to the Tax and Shipping tab.
  4. Select the shipping rate you want to apply and enter the rate amount.


  1. Click Save.

Now when this item is added to the Shopping bag its shipping cost will be calculated individually according to the selected rate.

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