Verifying domain to sell on Facebook and Instagram by Meta

Before you can go live with your Facebook shop or tagging products on Instagram, you need to verify your website domain. That is one of Facebook's requirements to ensure that only verified owners can edit the way their content appears on Facebook.

The verification methods vary depending on what website builder you use, Instant Site or a third-party platform.

Verifying domain on Instant Site to sell on Facebook

If you use store Instant Site on a free subdomain (, you can verify the ownership by adding a meta tag to your site:

  1. Get the meta tag from Facebook:
  2. Add the meta tag to your Instant Site:
    • From your store admin, go to Website → SEO.
    • In the Header meta tags and site verification block, click Add code.
    • Paste your meta tag code.
    • Save the changes.
  3. Return to Facebook Business Manager and click the Verify button in the Meta Tag Verification tab.
It may take up to 72 hours for Facebook to find the meta-tag code. If the domain status is still Not Verified, you'll need to click Verify again or confirm the meta-tag is listed in the scrape results in the Sharing Debugging Tool.

If you use store Instant Site with your own custom domain, you have two options to verify the ownership either by adding a meta tag (see above) or using the DNS Verification option:

  1. Get the TXT record from Facebook:
  2. Add the TXT record to your domain:
    • Log into the account with your domain provider to access your domain settings.
    • Add the TXT entry to your DNS records.
    • Add @ to the Host field, if it is required by your domain registrar.
    • Wait till these changes propagate (usually it takes a few minutes, but in some cases may last longer, up to 72 hours), then click the Verify button in the DNS Verification tab.

      The exact steps on adding a TXT record to a domain vary with different domain providers. If you are not sure how to add this record to your domain, please contact your domain provider to get the detailed instructions.

Verifying domain on any other sitebuilder to sell on Facebook

If you used another website builder to create your website, to verify your website ownership with Facebook:

  1. In Facebook Business Manager, go to Business Settings → Brand safety → Domain.
  2. Click Add, then + Create new domain.
  3. Select one of the verification options:
    • DNS Verification — you can use this verification option if you use a custom domain with your website and can edit its DNS records.
    • Meta Tags — choose this verification option if you have access to the source code of your website.
    • HTML File Upload — choose this verification option if your sitebuilder allows you to upload files to the root directory of your website.

      If you are not sure how you can verify the ownership of your domain, please consult with the provider/developer of your site platform about what verification option you can use with them.
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