Checking store indexation

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It may happen that your store's pages are not listed among the first 10, 20 or 30 search results when you search by some particular phrase. Thus it may be difficult to check whether your products are indexed at all. In such cases, try to find your products in Google using a more specific search query:

In the query above, replace '' with the actual URL of your store page. Example:

Search Query

Such a search query will limit the results to show your product pages only, so you will know what store pages have already been indexed by Google.

If you have waited for more than four weeks and do not have any product links in the search results, you can follow these steps to make Google discover your online store faster:

  • Check your indexing via Google Search Console. To start using the service, you must confirm that you are the owner of your site.
  • Help Google discover the right content on your site by adding your Sitemap to the Search Console.
  • Optimize your content to include information relevant to people’s searches.
  • Regularly share links to your store on different social media and try to get other websites to post links to your store too.