Promoting your Facebook Shop products

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Once you have added your store to your Facebook page, you need to help your customers find your store. There are many ways, both free and paid, that you can market your Facebook Shop products to followers and larger audiences.

Get more people to browse the catalog in your Facebook Shop and make orders by sharing products on your Timeline and tagging them in your Facebook posts, adding tags featuring your items to Instagram photos and promoting your goods with Facebook Ads.

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Sharing your products on your Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is a special section on your Facebook Profile or Business page where you can share your photos, posts and experiences.

When you share your Facebook Shop's products on your Business page's Timeline or your personal Timeline, you can reach out to people who are already following you and encourage them to visit your Shop and browse your products.

To share a product from your Facebook Shop:

  1. Go to your Facebook Business page and navigate to the Shop section.
  2. Click Share in the bottom of the product image:

Sharing product

  1. Select where you want to share the product from the following options:

Select where to share

Read more about sharing on Facebook.
  1. Fill out the text field, if you want to say something about the product you share:

Describe what you share

You can add a message that explains why you are sharing this product. For example, it can be a new or the best-selling item in your catalog, you have put it on sale or featured it in a seasonal promo. You can also share the benefits of your product and any other details that will encourage people to buy it.
  1. Click Post.

Your page visitors will now see the information about your product and will be able to buy it right away. On click to the Buy button in the post, they will be taken to the product details page, where they can purchase the item.

Shop Now button

You can suggest your customers to visit your store right from your Facebook page. To do it you need to add a Shop Now button to your Facebook page and connect it to your store:

The Shop Now button

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Click +Add a Button under your cover image.
  2. Select the button you want to use: Shop with you or make a donation → Shop Now.
  3. Select where you want to send your visitors: to your custom site or to the Shop section in your Facebook page. If you select the site, click Website link.
  4. In the popup enter the link to your store:

Enter the link to your site

  1. Click Save.

Tagging your products in Facebook posts

Besides sharing the products from your Facebook Shop, you can post photos and videos featuring your goods on your Facebook page and tag these items, so that your potential customers can quickly buy them.

You can tag up to 30 products from your shop section in your Page posts.

To tag a product in a photo or a video, when posting them on Facebook:

  1. Add a photo or a video to the post you are making and describe why you are sharing it, if you wish.
  2. Click on the 3-dot icon for more additional options:

Click More options

  1. Click the Tag Products:

Click Tag products

  1. Select the product you want to tag when it appears:

Select the product to tag

  1. Click Share Now.

Now your page visitors will see the details of the products, featured on the photos or videos, and will be able to quickly navigate to your Facebook Shop for purchasing them:

Facebook post with tagged product

Tagging your products on Instagram

Instagram has become a popular place for shopping with a huge audience. You can connect your Facebook Business account and Instagram Business account and enter the Instagram market. You can showcase your products by adding special product tags on the photos you post. When people tap on these product, they can view the item’s pricing and details and get a link to buy this product in your online store:

Product tags on Instagram

See our step-by-step instructions on how to sell your products on Instagram.

Tagging your products on Instagram is currently available in 44 countries.

Paid promotion via Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Product Ads is a great way to promote your products and drive customers to your Facebook Shop. Dynamic ads allow you to automatically promote your entire inventory of products to the most relevant audience across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

You can create ad campaigns targeting certain products to specific audiences, or let Facebook automatically deliver the most relevant products to people.

Before you start building your ad campaigns, we recommend to learn more about how Facebook Ads work.

When you are ready to begin promoting your goods, follow the steps from our guide on Advertising your products on Facebook to set up the Facebook Ads.

You can also create boosted posts with tagged products. This allows you to quickly create a Facebook ad using your post. It can appear in different places on Facebook, and you can show it to people you define.

Understanding your ads performance

After you have placed ads on Facebook, you may want to check if they are actually working. Check out Facebook’s guides about reports on ads performance.

You can also install a Facebook pixel to have more accurate statistics.