Setting up destination zones for the UK

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If you ship your products to the UK, you need to keep in mind a few peculiarities about the zones setup for the UK.

Since there is no standard and finalized list of the UK counties that should be used in online stores, calculating a shipping rate for the UK will only require a Country name and a Postal code.

At checkout when the UK is selected as a “Ship to” country, the State will be displayed as a text field, not a drop-down list that requires selection. Customers will be able to input any county name to the State field or leave it empty. They may also mistype.

Due to the above, we recommend to leave the list of States in the UK Zone settings empty and use the postal codes for restricting the delivery zones.

Here is a sample zone setup for shipping to all areas across the UK.


If you need to offer different rates for different areas in the UK, you can restrict the zones by postal codes, so that the shipping rate applies to the addresses that are covered by these postal codes.


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