Updating and removing products

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Whether you want to update a product’s photo, description, or price, all of this can be done in your store Control Panel → Catalog → Products. Just click on the product you wish to alter, update the information, and save the changes.


If you need to make the same changes to several products, you can update these products in bulk using the Bulk Product Editor app:

  • Bulk update all products, or filter the products you want to change
  • Change properties including price, weight, and quantity
  • Add or remove options; add or remove choices for options
  • Bulk enable/disable products in your store.

You can install Bulk Product Editor directly from your control panel.


Removing products

To remove a product from your catalog:

  1. Open the products list in your store Control Panel → Catalog → Products. 
  2. Click Edit Product.
  3. Select Delete Product:

Deleting products from your  store

To delete several products at once, check multiple products in the list, click Bulk Update, and click Delete Selected:

Deleting products from your  store