Manual tax setup

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You can manually configure your store to calculate tax rates for different regions, zones, countries. 

How to setup

For example you need to create 7.5% tax for California.

  1. Go to your Control panel → Settings → Zones page. Press the "New Zone" button.
  2. Change the name of the created destination zone. Then click on the "Add state..." button and add the necessary state (e.g. "United States: California"). Save the changes.
  3. Go to the Settings → Taxes page.
  4. Press the "New Tax" button.
  5. Enter your tax name and define the other settings
  6. Click on the "New Rate" button. Select the zone created earlier and enter the tax rate(for example 7.5%). Save the changes.
  7. If you have many destination zones, repeat the steps above for each of them.
  8. If you want to set up the same rate for several different states, you can create a zone consisting of these states and set up tax rate for this zone.
  9. There is also a pre-defined zone named "Other zones" that defines tax for locations matching no zone mentioned in the rate list.