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Paysera is an Electronic Money Institutionand a leading online payment service provider in The Baltics. By using Paysera you can accept payments via more than 20 different online payment methods, including all popular e-banking systems and Credit Card payments. The strongest position is in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia where Paysera has direct connections and agreements with each bank including SEB, Swedbank, Nordea and Danskebank. Paysera is a safe, fast and reliable online payment service provider.

How to setup?

  1. Register new "Business" account on PaySera site: During the registration don't forget to check "I want to use services of e-trade" checkbox and choose at least "Collection of payments online via e-banking and other systems" service there
  2. Go to Payment Gateway → Manage section in the left menu and click "Add new project" button
  3. Set your Site URL (page, where Online store store is installed), logo, choose the categories for your business and fill in other fields for new project creation.
  4. Go to "General Settings" section for this project and find " settings" block there
  5. Use ProjectID in "Transaction Key" field. "Hash Value" field indicates symbols which will be used to encode information. It could be any sequence of symbols
  6. Save changes​

Setup in Online store control panel

  1. Go to Control panel → System Settings → Payment
  2. Click to any unused payment method to set the name for it​ 
  3. Click "Change" link in "Payment processor" column next to selected payment method and choose "Credit Card: Authorise.Net SIM" from the list
  4. Fill in credentials for Authorize.Net SIM payment method in appeared popup window
    • In "API Login Id" and "Trabsaction Key" fields use your project ID in PaySera (point #5, section 1 of the instruction)
    • In "MD5 Hash Value" enter the previously created "Hash value" (point #5, section 1 of the instruction)
    • Click on "Advanced settings" and change the "Endpoint URL" to ""
  5. Make sure that new payment method is enabled and save changes
  6. You're done!


If you want to perform test payments in the Online store, select "Enable test mode (no charges)" in the section "Advanced settings". In your Paysera account  Project settings  "Payment gateway" section, select "Allow test payments".