Checkout Finland Oy

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Checkout Finland Oy is an online payment processor working in Finland. If you are running your store in Finnish market, Checkout Finland Oy is a great solution for online payment.

How to set up

Checkout Finland Oy requires an account in their system, so first you should register on their site. Once you get an account, please follow the below steps to configure this payment method for your store.

  1. In your Control Panel go to Settings → Payment tab.
  2. Choose any payment method, e.g., "Credit or debit card" and under "Payment processor" column click "Change" link.
  3. Select Credit Card: Authorize.Net SIM option.
  4. Open Account details and fill in the following information:
    • In the "API Login ID" field add your Checkout Finland Oy merchant account.
    • In the "Transaction Key" and "MD5 Hash Value" fields add the safety key.
  5. Click the Advanced Settings link and change the Endpoint URL to Click "Save".
  6. Change the name of the payment method to "Checkout Finland Oy" if you need to.
  7. Save the changes.