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So, you have created a store and added products there. Now you have to collect money from your customers when you sell something. To do it you need to set up at least one payment method in your store. To see the list of payment providers you have in your store, go to your store Control Panel → Payment.

See the detailed instructions on how to set up payment options in your store. After you have added a payment option, it may be a good idea to test it: create a test product with a very low price, like $1 and then visit your store as a customer and go through all the steps of ordering, including real payment.

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Accepting money

There are two ways to accept money from customers in your store – online and offline.

Online payment methods – credit cards, PayPal, etc.

You can accept payments that are processed online, for example, when your customers pay by credit cards or PayPal. An online payment is when you charge a customer’s credit or debit card with the help of a third-party payment provider. You set up an online payment option in your store and your customers place orders, entering their card or PayPal account details. Third-party providers process the transactions and you process the orders.

There are supports over 50 payment providers to process your transactions, including PayPal, Square, WePay, Stripe and others.

All transactions in your stores are processed by third-party providers. These providers might charge extra fees, and have their own rules about what products you can sell using their service. When you set up a payment method, check with the company who provides the service to make sure you are aware of their rules and understand the fees.
Recommended payment providers for the US merchants are Square, WePay and PayPal.

Offline payment methods – cash on delivery, phone order, bank transfer

These methods work for those who collect money from customers in person, like when you use cash on delivery or customers pay when picking up their orders. When you use phone order or your customers send you direct bank transfers, this also counts as offline payments. These methods do not involve any third-party payment providers.

Read more about offline payment options in your stores.

How the customers pay

Your customers visit your store, add products to cart and proceed to checkout. On checkout they see the payment options you have enabled.

To see the list of payment methods you have in your store, go to your store Control Panel → Payment.

Your customers select the payment option they prefer and proceed.

If they select an online payment, they enter their card or PayPal account details and pay immediately.

If they select an offline payment option – like cash on delivery, phone order or bank transfer – you need to contact them to arrange the payment.

In any case, you receive an email notification about a new order.

Make sure you have the New Order Placed notification enabled in your store Control Panel → Settings → Mail. If it is disabled, you will not receive messages about new orders.

How to know that it is time to ship an order

When a customer places an order in your store, you receive an email notification. In the notification you see the order status. You can also check the order status in your Control Panel → My Sales → Orders.

If the orders status is Paid, it means that your customer selected an online payment option and paid via third-party payment provider. In this case you can prepare the order for shipping, pack it and ship right away.

If the order status is Awaiting payment, it means that you have not yet received the money for the order. There are two variants:

  1. Your customer selected an offline payment and now you need to contact them to arrange the payment.
  2. They selected an online payment option, but something went not as smooth as supposed. In this case you can contact the third-party payment provider who processed the transaction or our support team.
You can check the payment method your customer selected in your Control Panel → My Sales → Orders:

payment method selected

When the order is Paid, you can ship it!

A customer paid online. Where is the money?

When you customers pay online by credit card, PayPal, or other ways, the transactions are processed via third-party providers, like PayPal, Square, WePay, Stripe, etc. In this case the money arrives to your account with the payment provider and you can withdraw it using the ways this provider has.