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Social networks are a booming topic of todays internet. Online store, being one of the most advanced and innovating solutions for e-commerce, integrates to the social networks and enables social interactions in a number of ways, including:

  • the ability to expose your store front right on the social network (or networks) of your choice, allowing the users of the social networks to make their purchase right there and without visiting your website;
  • allowing your customers to share the links to your products via various social networks, promoting and recommending your products to their friends and contacts.

Facebook related features

Facebook stores

You can install your store right onto the Facebook, so that your fans can go shopping without leaving their favourite social network. There is a study that shows a 15% of the revenue growth for the store owners who put the storefront not only to their site, but to their Facebook page too

Like and Send buttons

Online store supports Facebook's Like and Send buttons natively for your products in the store, so that your customers can Like your products from all of your storefronts, or send the link to the product to their contact via Facebook.

To enable FB Like and Send buttons, please, see the Control panel → Settings → Social tools → Share buttons.

Facebook comments 

Online store supports FB Comments on each of your products separately.

To enable FB comment, please, see Control panel →  Settings → Social Tools → FB Comments.

Ask your friends for advice

Sometimes customers are not sure what to purchase or if they want this particular item. Just enable this feature Settings → Social Tools → Ask Friends and your customers will see "Ask for Advice" link on a product page. It will encourage users to share information about products they want to purchase to their Facebook friends, so your store will get some new visitors and potential buyers.

To enable the FB 'Ask friends' feature, please see Control panel → Settings → Social Tools → Ask Friends 

Product sharing 

Engage your customers to share the links to your products 

Online store supports a number of social sharing buttons, including the ones from:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Google+

Share the link to your product 

There is a built-in way for the store owner to share products to Facebook and Twitter right from control panel. More details in this article: How to share my products in Facebook and Twitter

Our IOS and Android app users can share the products directly to the social media pages right within the apps. To share a product:

1. Navigate to the page of the product that you want to share 
2. Tap on the "Share" icon in the top right corner of the screen
3. Choose the media you want to share your product to. It will open the app on your phone with the share menu and your product link attached to the message.

Purchase sharing

With Online store, it is possible for the buyers to socially share the links to the products they just purchased. This information, visible to the friends of your buyers, will likely encourage them to buy the same item too, and the post will contain the link to the product in your store, so they can easily do that.

The store owner can enable this feature in the Control panel → Settings → Social Tools → Share Purchase

Reward visitors for following your social pages

Social Boost

Social Boost enables you to run social media based offers, giveaways, lotteries, raffles, contests and sweepstakes. With the help of Social Boost app you can display attractive pop-ups on your website that offer rewards for referrals, actions such as following your social media profiles, sharing your offers and re-posting your messages.

The app has Free and Paid plans.