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Google AdWords is an advertising software that allows you to reach new audiences with targeting, bidding, keywords and also create and manage advertising campaigns that feature the products you have uploaded to your Google Merchant Center account.

If you haven’t uploaded your products to Google Merchant Center, check out our guide on Advertising your products with Google Shopping.

In this article:

Link Google Merchant Center and AdWords accounts

To allow the product data to flow from Merchant Center to AdWords, you need to connect your AdWords and Merchant Center accounts:

  1. In your Google Merchant Center account, go to the 3-dot icon menu and click Account linking.

Account linking

  1. Select AdWords.
  2. Under Your AdWords Account, find the AdWords Сustomer ID.
  3. Click Link.

Link accounts

If you don’t have an AdWords account, you can click Create account in the Google Merchant Center account.

Set up AdWords conversion tracking

If you'd like to measure the conversion from your ads, you need to integrate your Google AdWords account with store by creating a conversion action in AdWords and adding the tracking code into your store.

Create AdWords conversion action

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. In the top right corner, click the Tool icon.
  3. Click Conversions under the Measurement block:


  1. Click the Plus button and select Website:

Website tracking

  1. Enter a Conversion name:

Conversion name

  1. Choose Purchase/Sale for the Category of conversion you want to track:

Conversion name

  1. Choose Use different values for each conversion for the Value:

Conversion value

  1. Choose Every for the Count:

Conversion count

  1. Set up the Conversion window (how long to track conversions after an ad click) and View-through conversion window (how long to track conversions that happen after an impression of, not an interaction with, your ad).
  1. Check the option Include in "Conversions" if you want to include in your "Conversions" and "Conversion value" columns. If you uncheck it, data will still appear in the "All conv." column.
  2. Click Create and Continue.

Now you can proceed to setting up your conversion tag.

Set up AdWords conversion tag

  1. Select Install the tag yourself.

Install tag

  1. Choose I haven’t installed the global site tag on my website if it’s your first time setting up the tag for a conversion action and you haven’t installed the global site tag from another Google product.

Global site tag

  1. Click Download snippet in the Global site tag block.

Download tag

  1. Choose Page load for the Event snippet.

Event snippet

  1. Copy the Event snippet and open the text file with the Global site tag you have just downloaded.
  2. Paste the event snippet right after the Global site tag in the text file.

Edit tags

  1. Edit the parameter 'value': 1.0' in the event snippet to 'value': '%order_total%'. The %order_total% variable will pass the order-specific value to the tracking code.
  2. Edit the parameter 'transaction_id' in the event snippet to 'transaction_id': '%order_id%'. The %order_id% variable will pass the order-specific value to the tracking code.
  3. You will have the conversion script similar to:

Conversion code

  1. Copy the two conversion scripts from the text file.

Now you can add the conversion codes to your store.

Insert AdWords conversion tags to store Control Panel

  1. Go to your store Control Panel → Settings → General → Cart & Checkout.
  2. Enable Tracking code on "Thank you for your order" page.
  3. Paste the conversion codes into the text area and click Save to apply the changes.

Tracking code

Now when your customers reach the Thank you for order page at checkout, the conversion scripts will flash and pass the conversion data to your AdWords account.